Thursday, January 21, 2016

Children's Museum

Our sketch outing yesterday was to the Children's Museum.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.  There were lots of interesting structures to sketch. 

I arrived early... no surprise there!  I set myself up in a coffee shop across the street and sketched the interesting view through the window. 

Once there, I realized this place is more indoor playground than Museum.  There were a few dozen pre-schoolers inside. The noise level was deafening.... quite literally at the level to cause damage.   I managed one quick sketch of the structure I most wanted to see and then left the building!   My ears hurt.  This is the "Voyager"... front end looks like an old fashioned tall ship and the back end like the Star Ship Enterprise!   Of course, it was that back end that I liked.  This might not have been the best view, but I was pressed tightly into a corner to be out of the way of running children!

I again escaped to the coffee house across the street and sketched another view out the same window. 

We met back inside the museum but in the cafe area so it wasn't as noisy.  We shared our sketches and had a group photo.

If we do ever sketch here again, I'm bringing the best ear plugs I can find!

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