Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Companion pieces

"Fine Art" - watercolor & micron
   There is something to be said about work that belongs together. In this instance when scouting a place to work I walked the town to see what was available and recognized the similar art-deco motif of architecture in some historic structures. Since I knew this was something I was interested in drawing it seemed logical to draw them as companion pieces since they were both theaters.
"Campus" -watercolor & micron
   I began the morning doing the "Fine Arts" building which took longer to get the proportions then I had planned. Though the cars never moved (there was a 2 hour parking limit) when I returned from reparking mine, the sun was quickly changing the scene with its shadows- a challenge to set and leave alone.
   For the 2nd theater I was fortunate enough to have the building facing to where the shadows didn't change as much (except on the sign and stage door). It was the afternoon so I was in the shade and it in the sun the whole time. Also having done the 1st piece in the morning had me well practiced for the 2nd effort so it went faster. -Feather
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