Tuesday, April 19, 2016

May 28 - How to Post workshop

Kate Buike and Mark Ryan will lead a workshop to help members of Urban Sketchers Tacoma fulfill # 7 of the Urban Sketchers' manifesto:  "We share our drawings online."

We will begin at 10 am in Frances Buckmaster's home studio.  She will have beverages ready and the door open by 9:30. (We will be setting up for our teaching at that time...but it will give the rest of time to chat.)  Email or private message either myself or Frances for the address.  (mkbuike @ comcast dot net or fbuckmas @ ix dot netcom dot com  these are edited so the bots won't harvest our email addresses for spam... you'll have to fix them into a real email address). 

Please bring a bag lunch.  Frances will provide coffee, tea, bottled water.

This will focus on posting to flickr and/or Facebook. 

Please establish an account on the service you plan to use. Make sure you have your user name and password when you come to the workshop.  If you have trouble making an account, we'll help you.

Bring a laptop and/or the device from which you plan to post.  That could be a tablet but could also be a phone. 

Also bring at least one digitized sketch to upload as practice.  More is better as you'll have more with which to practice. 

How to digitize your sketches?  Scanning is best.  But if you don't know how or don't have one, just a well lit and positioned photo with your camera or phone is good enough. That image will need to be already transferred to your laptop or on your tablet/phone.

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