Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Next event... Gig Harbor goes to Fox Island

 This week Urban Sketchers Tacoma get to explore still another new place, the Fox Island Museum... across, the other bridge. This quaint little jewel boasts 3000 artifacts and the largest collection of pulley blocks in the state. There is a totem and cabin outdoors if the weather permits. Bring $1 for the donation box to support the museum, a sack lunch for the "after party"and your sketching supplies for this exclusive opportunity as the building will not be open to the public on this day.
     Fox Island Museum
1017 9th ave, Fox Island 
Thurs 14th 10-12:30
      To get there from Hwy 16 exit either wollochet (from the west/ bremerton) or exit Olympic ( from the east/Tacoma direction) to connect with wollochet drive. Head south, away from Gig Harbor historic waterfront. Wollochet becomes 40th st NW. Pass a school on the right and the next light is 70th ave. NW where you turn left.  Road stops at a T, turn right on Warren drive NW. The road will bend left and take you across the fox island bridge becoming 3rd ave FI, 6th ave FI and finally Island Boulevard FI. It doesn't matter as long as you follow this until it ends at a T and take a right on to 9th ave FI. The very next street you will see a fire station on the SE corner of the intersection. The museum is behind the  firestation so proceed forward through the intersection and turn left just behind it. To be prompt you may want to allow extra time as there are school zones and one lane traffic to cost you extra time in getting there. Plenty of parking... see you there!