Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sketchbook: re-purposed/renewed and easy to make.

I made my 1st sketchbook on a whim last month. It was part of an effort for the Artist Way task. I am trying to romance my muse into getting back to being the artist I used to be. I thought that perhaps if I made something very nice/special that it would entice her to want to use it. Thus far it is one of "those" kinds of art objects that fell into the agonies of what I call "new sketchbook syndrome". It happens frequently among artists with art stuff when you get something incredibly special then don't want to use it for fear you will mess it up! Silly but true, it happens more than you know.
   So I made this sketchbook from one full sized sheet of Aquella watercolor paper that you fold and tear accordion style. This ensures that I have quality paper which is a trade up from most watercolor sketchbooks. The best part... no weaving pages. The mask material is left over from a quilt I made long ago but never finished. It is wrapped over scrap matte board. The ribbon and embellishment were woven to wrap around the button to close the book. The entire project took me 1/2 day to make and so much cheaper and better than a $20-$30 sketchbook mass produced. Also since there is maybe 30 pages front and back you get that sense of accomplishment when you fill the sketchbook all the quicker. For all you prolific Urban Sketcher who are ready to take your work to the next level, I highly recommend trying your hand at making a sketchbook.- Feather


  1. Beautiful! Would love to see this in person next time.

    - Tina

    1. I will try to remember the virgin sketchbook. Thanks for your interest.

  2. What a great idea, Feather. Sometimes when I'm intimidated by a NEW-$$-book, or I'm frozen from not sketching for awhile, I go easy on myself by taking two sketch books with me. One will be my 'nice' sketch book I'm afraid of ruining. The other will be an old, small, beat up, ratty sketchbook containing ancient thumbnails, grocery lists, the edges of torn-out pages, and cryptic notes from two years prior that say: 'call Susan'...when I know at least 5 women named Susan and know I didn't ever remember which of those to call. In that latter book, I'll make a 'plan' of what I'd LIKE to sketch if I were just able to do it....and before I'm done making that plan, I'm impatient enough to actually open my nice book and 'just get on with sketching.' Works for me. I guess a runner would call that stretching first.

  3. I like the idea... "stretching 1st". I do take more than 1 book with me often... especially when out with the new one... maybe that's the problem! The newbie has gone with me perhaps a dozen times. I have yet to mar her little pages but I can dream. The gnarly, dog eared, ink stained "old glory" is almost full.