Saturday, October 22, 2016

First Saturday Outing, Nov. 5th, 2016: Pacific Lutheran University Campus

First Saturday Outing, Nov. 5th, 2016:  Pacific Lutheran University Campus

Locations: the Mortvedt Library and the University Center

Meet at 10 am at the Mortvedt Library (
See building # 14 on the campus map, below)  in the lobby near the entrance. The library is located at the corner of 121st. South and Park Avenue South., but its entrance is on the inner side of the building, facing building #13. There are lots of interesting sketching opportunities indoors, including the building itself, many displays around the building (including an African Mask Collection, and, students who make wonderful figure models while studying.

Sketch Sharing and Lunch: We will share sketches at the University Center (Building # 34 on the campus map, below). We will meet at entrance lobby at 12:30, find a location to share our sketches and do a group photo, then have lunch there. 

Parking   All the parking lots require a pass which requires visiting the the Campus Security office.  Instead, it may be more convenient (and recommended) to seek close-by on-street parking along  121st, Wheeler, Garfield, 122nd.Bring an umbrella (or your preferred protective wear) in case the weather is a bit wet.

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