Friday, December 2, 2016

A unique experience

This was both the first evening sketch outing for Urban Sketchers Tacoma as well as the first time we've been involved in sketching for a cause.  We were invited to sketch last night at an event commemorating World AIDS Day hosted by the Pierce County AIDS Foundation (PCAF).  We didn't really know what to expect or what there might be to sketch.

This table for "Butterfly Knots" caught my eye.  "The butterfly has a symbol of transformation.  For those grieving a loss, the chrysalis phase of a butterfly represents the...turning inward.  The healing is reflected in the metamorphosis phase.  Butterfly Knots are written and tied with intention.  It is an act that honors a vow and sets a firm promise.....Write the name of a loved one lost to HIV/AIS.  Write of the loss experienced from this pandemic.  Write a message of hope for our community.  Write an action you intend to take".  

Next is the "Altar of Remembrance".   

We shared our sketches with each other and with the event attendees after the program finished.  There was much positive response to adding this experience to the event.  

Once the event was over, we had an opportunity to sketch in the Washington State History Museum.  I chose this display about "Hooverville" which was a homeless camp in the early 1930's.  I was still thinking about how sketching can bring attention or focus to the problems of the day.  The stock market crash on Wall Street resulted in massive unemployment in the Pacific Northwest. A squatters settlement of scrap materials was one of the results.  I thought about the parallels with the current issues of homelessness. 


Photos from AIDS Day event & the Museum:

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