Sunday, December 18, 2016

Experimenting with Fountain Pens!

One thing I love about this artistic endeavor is that I get to experiment with different mediums or
combination of mediums in a regular bases. A few weeks ago I received two items that I was waiting for, a LAMY fine point fountain pen and a Platinum Carbon Pen with the ink and the converters as well. LAMY pens creator was C. Josef LAMY, who until 1930 had worked as a manager for an American writing instrument manufacturer, started his own business in Heidelberg, by the name of the Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik. The LAMY I am using is the LAMY Safari who was unveiled at the Frankfurt Fair in 1980 and from that point on it became the best-selling fountain pen in the world.
I was not sure what the best ink would work best for sketching and using watercolors. I was close to buying the Noodlers brand but a colleague sketcher recommended the Platinum Carbon Ink and the Platinum Carbon pen as well since it is extra fine and it is a great complement to the LAMY. She stated that she prefers the Platinum Carbon ink because is dries fast and it is easier to apply watercolor on top very quickly. Thank you Kate! I am a fast sketcher and my time for sketching is quite limited during the week so I need to make sure that my ink dries quickly so I can paint and have a finish product in 30minutes. I followed her recommendations and voila, this is the result.

This is the pulpit of the University of Puget Sound Chapel in Tacoma. Painted with watercolors.

This is another sketch I did from my home looking at the neighborhood recently using the LAMY Fountain pen with the Platinum Carbon Ink. Painted with watercolors.

And finally this is a view of Center for Health Sciences at the Tacoma Community College. I did this quick sketch during lunch using the LAMY pen as well. Painted with watercolor pencils.

So far I am very pleased with the results and plan to continue experimenting with the fountain pens. I will keep you posted!

Happy Sketching,

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