Wednesday, December 7, 2016

From Bothell With Love

Yes. I drive through brutal traffic sometimes up to two hours on weekdays to join you folks. Because I feel da luv when I do what I do with you: Sketching.

In 1972, I migrated from the Philippines where I studied 'commercial art' or graphic design. And until 2015, I worked as a graphic designer for engineering firms. I retired in September 2015 to pursue what's been my first love: drawing and sketching. And to use and abuse and misuse all my still growing stash of art supplies before I die. Like, I didn't know I have 2 Windsor & Newton Series 7 #5 Kosinski brushes. They still have a price tag of $20 each. Amazon lists it at between $84-114!

So I was lucky to join the 4th West Coast Sketchcrawl and got introduced to a few of you. I even won a raffle prize from that tall gentle lady with white hair named Frances. At the event, I met Alison and Beverly. I even got to draw legend Frank Ching during the icebreaker.

I am also an oblate of St Benedict with St Placid Priory. That means I commit to incorporate the Rule of Benedict in my daily life. One favorite Benedictine motto is "that in all things, glorify Holy One." So this is another reason I retired: to use my sketching gifts to spread da Luv.

Therefore, my sketches are more than lines and colors of urban scenes. They are my prayers in the sense that prayer is being with the Sacred. So when I sketch, I "listen with the ear of my heart" (another Benedictine mantra) for answers to "What is the teaching here for me? How does this relate to my life today? What is the invitation?"

Then when I post my sketches, I accompany it with stories that the heart brings up and the blessings that come with it. I hope my sketch-stories will help heal, awaken and open hearts, and help us see each other as brothers and sisters.

Check out my facebook page if you're interested to see my posts while I'm working on my blog. Also, Paraclete Press published my first book in 2009, Praying With the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life (Active Prayer Series)  I am working on a second book, tentatively titled, Drawing Everyday Blessings, based on my FB posts.

Had enough? Ok. Here are a few of recent sketches.
At Country Village, Bothell

Brew Cafe, Bothell

He owns and lives in that house surrounded by new condos and retail stores in downtown Bothell.
When he saw my post on the Bothell Community FB page, he offered to buy it. 

Now I have a few house portrait commissions which will go to buying more art supplies.
"Always We Begin Again." - another Benedictine mantra:

Thank you for letting me sketch with you.
"Life is short - Sketch!" - Roy's mantra

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