Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Japanese Pens

Hi fellow sketchers,
I wanted to share a product with you, but first, need to make a confession. There’s little I like more than new coats, cute, good fitting shoes (that make my big feet look smaller than they actually are) …………..AND……………..new art supplies. Especially drawing/sketching pens. Well, I’ve been successful in the coat department, not so much so in the shoe realm, but I struck gold in the pen section at the store just the other day. Artist & Craftsman Supply store in downtown Tacoma has these wonderful pens I haven’t seen before and after using the testers, I just had to have several. 3 Bimoji Fude pens in x-fine, fine and medium found their way into my bag as did a Hikkei pen . I’ve taken a couple of photos to show you how the lines look and also brushed (rather lightly scrubbed) water on after the ink was completely dry, to see how waterproof the ink is. I am rather pleased with the results. There’s very little bleeding. The Tombow pen I included on the chart, bleeds just a bit more and the lines become slightly defused. The tips of the Japanese pens are somewhat firm and less brush-like than that of the Tombow, (which is perfect for my tendency to use less of a light hand when I draw,) though they do have a bit of flex. In short, I believe I’m going to add these to my list of favorites to carry around. Oh, and the prices were right as well. $3.47 each for the Bimoji Fude pens and $2.08 for the Hikkei pen. If you’re in the neighborhood of the Artist & Craftsman Supply store, stop in and give them a try…..you may just like ‘em!
Happy Sketching –


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