Saturday, January 7, 2017

Staying Warm

Urban Sketchers Tacoma met for the first time in 2017 on a very cold day.  The high was to be 35 and the low 34!  We are expecting a bit of snow.  Fortunately, our outing was all arranged to be at a local restaurant in Puyallup. 

Charlie's was a gracious host, giving us the use of a large banquet room in the back and sketching in the warm bar with a fire place.  Some sketchers braved the cold to sketch outside but I did not. The USk global flickr group has a weekly theme and this week it is "food".  Given that we were at a restaurant, I thought it would make sense to do a food sketch.  I don't sketch my meals so I didn't have anything for the theme already completed.  

AJ is my subject as she was sitting across from me.  This doesn't really look like her, though. I only got the one sketch done as I was talking a lot with a new person. 

We shared our sketches in the banquet room reserved for our use and then had a group photo.
--Kate Buike

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