Monday, January 23, 2017

Taking Time to Draw

Hi, Sketchers,

With January following the busy season of Christmas, I figured life would slow down a bit and I could be back to filling my drawing books with sketches again. Was I wrong! Sometimes life throws us curve-balls and the unexpected becomes reality……..but, in the midst of the unexpected, I’ve still managed to do a little sketching, thankfully. And, for those times, I’m grateful because focusing on drawing can bring about a peace of mind and calm in the middle of the craziness.

Recently, our gang of sketchers met at Charlie’s Restaurant in Puyallup and I’m so glad I was able to convince myself to do this for me and draw. It’s so easy to forget how much of a therapy of the mind this activity can be, at least this is true for me. This is a sketch done at the restaurant from the bar. I tried one of my new Japanese pens on toned paper and colored in parts with Prismacolor colored pencils. Hmmm….I like the effect and think I’ll explore this style further ------ what do you think? J

Happy Sketching!



  1. What a beautiful sketch, Pat! I think you're on to something here that defines much of our 'artist-life'. First, the peace-filled psyche we derive from allowing ourselves time to sketch in good times and bad/easy times and difficult. Second, in our art explorations, the stretch that is experienced by trying out some new tools during our beloved sketching practice. Both make us more 'lively', which is a very good thing, for sure!!!!

    1. Thanks, Frances. I totally agree with you regarding your comments - those effects and feelings are the reasons I keep coming back to drawing!