Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Ad Hoc Sketch-Outings on January 20th, 2017

This is an invitation to  TWO Ad Hoc Gatherings on Friday, January 20th. For some of us, it will be one event in two parts. Feel free to attend one or both!

PART ONE: At 12 noon, I will meet any Urban Sketchers who wish to join me for an opportunity to do some interesting crowd sketching, during a Teach-in on the UW Tacoma campus. We will find one another at the bottom of the stairway by the UW Bookstore, just across the street from the WA. State History Museum on Pacific Ave. We'll join the crowd and find a good spot from which  to sketch. I plan on dressing very warmly in layers and, will be looking for roof overhangs for protection, if it happens to rain. The Teach-in will gradually be changing locations, moving to the Joy building at about 12:45. When the time seems right, we'll head off to finish embellishing our sketches over a quick lunch at the Swiss. At about 2:30, we'll leave the Swiss for:

PART TWO: Beverly Naidus, UW Art Professor, will be opening the building above for an Open Studio time for artists to drop in. This is the UW-Whitney Art Building, located at 1901 Fawcett Ave.. The doors will be open from 2:30 to 6 pm every Friday. Our visit will be after lunch at the we will arrive as close to 2:30 pm as possible. Beverly emailed me there will be, joining us,  "folks who want to make signage for the Women’s Marches in Seattle and Olympia....and there will be some brainstorming about other strategies for using art for social change in our communities."

Beverly's social justice focus with her own art has included writing and teaching....

....and, according to Wikipedia, she has also created art especially focused on environmental crises that create problems for humans, as well as social issues such as racism, consumerism, body image, nuclear threats, cultural identity, etc.  This source adds: one of her recent art projects was "Eden Re-framed" an ecological and community art project on Vashon Island. I'm looking forward to meeting Beverly...and hope you are free to  join me for part or all of this outing.

There's paid parking at the WA State History Museum, and in the lot across the street from The Swiss on Jefferson (just two blocks below the UW Whitney Art Building. Pictures on Google Maps make it look as if there is un-metered street parking all along Fawcett Ave., but that picture may be an old one.

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  1. Oh no! I will painfully miss this event. I have an appointment with friends that day that we planned last month. But thanks, Frances, for setting up this meeting with Beverly. I'm most interested how to connect urban sketching to social and environmental stewardship.