Thursday, February 23, 2017

One more time

I have been riding the ferries most of my life, either between Vashon and Seattle or Vashon and Tacoma. The scene I sketched this past Tuesday morning is a view I've been taking in for  years and  never tire of seeing. It brings back memories of the 1940's when most of our ferry fleet were boats built for the purpose of transporting passengers and cars on San Francisco bay. Those boats are gone now as are the classic cargo freighters of that era.

As I sit in my car at the front of the boat on a wet and windy north west kind of day, I see the ferry boats in route and the container ships at anchor and my heart tells me it's time to sketch. I squint my eyes and begin to see, to sketch this view that has for so long moved me to draw and I am reminded how grateful I am to give it one more try.

The sketch was done in a Pentalic 8x5 watercolor journal with a stadedtler pigment liner 0.3. The watercolor was added later.

Darsie Beck

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