Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dolce Si'

Yesterday Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at Dolce Si' Sicilian Bakery & Café for our regular outing.  The owner was very gracious and even offered to let us join a private monthly Italian get-together with live Italian music.  As a result, there were a lot of Italian speakers coming in and out of the cafe.  It was a delight to witness the exuberance with which they greeted each other.

The very first thing I noticed when I entered the cafe was an amazingly crafted swan pastry.  I bought one just to sketch it. Frances called referred to Roy as the "Cream Puff Monster"  Roy called it "Puff the Magic Dragon's apprentice".  It sat in the middle of the table I shared with 4 other sketchers and at least a couple of us drew it.  It went home with another sketcher so we didn't eat it!  I did still eat one of the bakery's wonderful European creations, less whipped cream, more fruit!
Roy is ready to help eat it after we've sketched it.
Roy is ready to help eat it after we've sketched it.
I again channeled a Michele Cooper-like montage (or Gabi's small, medium, large spread across the double page from his 10x10 workshop).  The medium section was the counter top with flowers and a plush pup.  Since the day was still sunny, I wandered around outside this large Point Ruston complex and found a view out on Commencement Bay.

I next used my pocket sketchbook to draw one of the otter sculptures near the cafe.  It started to rain, of course.  So I positioned my drawing board at an angle over the book in order to keep sketching so I could at least finish the drawing.  I do very much like otters so was happy to discover four such sculptures!  I forgot to take note of the maker.

We shared sketches at the outside tables under an overhang, though it had stopped raining.  The group photo has 22 people but there are at least a few missing.

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by Kate Buike

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  1. Tiny correction, Kate. I named Roy the 'Cream Puff Monster'....after I saw your photo of him with his fork ready to attack your swan pastry, AKA model for the morning. :-)