Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jewel Box Cafe

Today we met at the Jewel Box Cafe in the Point Ruston complex, near Tacoma. It was aptly named as it was a real jewel with beautiful furnishings and carved wood fixtures. There is even a balcony.  

Since it was pouring rain, most of us settled in with our favorite hot beverage to sketch around the cafe. Sketchers in the comfy chairs.

I liked the column with the clock.  Fortunately, Tom sat down to sketch a different view so he gave the scene some life.

There were two of these carved booths at either end of the cafe.  Each had a set of stained glass windows.

We met back up in the balcony, where we shared our sketches and had a group photo.  There are at least 2 missing.

More photos here:

by Kate Buike

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