Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Portable Sketcher

I am always looking for ways in which I can make Urban Sketching portable. I always carry a “purse” which is actually my art bag but that includes my wallet. In my “purse” I always carry a couple of sketchbooks, pencils, different types of pens and my watercolors among other things. In a future posting I will share what I carry in detail and how I prepare my sketch bag for my daily use. Trying to be compact but still having all I need to be ready to urban sketch lead me to find this new product, The Portable Painter. I came across this product thru  crowd funding site. It was started by Steven Padden and so far it has been very successful. I bought it for $30.00 and it arrived way faster than I expected, it took about a week!

But what is The Portable Painter? The Portable Painter is a palette with two wells and a brush. It is made of plastic and is very light. It comes with 12 half pans and I used some double tape to attach the pan to the palette to hold it tight. What I like about it is that it is so compact that it fits perfectly inside my “purse”/art bag, it is very light and you can even put it in your bag pocket. The wells slide perfectly to each side of the palette and you can place it on the ground, a table and even your thigh.

One well serves to wet your brush and the other to clean it. It comes with a double brush or you might be able to fit in a travel brush of your liking. I was able to get my size 4 Escoda Versatil, larger sizes on this brand are too thick.
So far I used it in the field on Saturday while sketching with Urban Sketchers and it was very useful. So I liked it and if you like to explore new art products and you are always on the go, The Portable Sketcher might be one to try. Here are the pictures of the product and my most recent sketch.

The Portable Painter right out of the box.

The palette has the double sided brush, two wells and 12 half pans.

The double brush has two sizes.

I added double tape to the half pans to make sure they don't move inside the palette.

And finally what did I sketched using this palette?
The Freight house Square in Tacoma!

I hope this was useful. Let me know if you have any questions and Happy Sketching!



  1. I saw somewhere online that a sketcher placed the whole unit over his knee while he painted, and the water wells on each side of his knee held it in place, making it a 'no hands palette.' Great idea.

    1. Yes, Frances, that's how the Kickstarter video showed it being used. I have one, too, but haven't used it yet.

  2. The kit is now on sale: " As an added thank you we have created a special discount code GOODFRIEND for yourself or to share with your friends. For a limited time, it’s good for an instant 10% discount on our website. Plus, shipping is FREE in the U.S. and discounted for export orders."

    And the website: is now fully operational