Saturday, July 1, 2017

Chilly beach outing

After yesterday's scorching (for Western WA) heat, it was a surprise to be so chilly on the beach at Brown's Point on Commencement Bay in Tacoma.  Peter D. opened the gate to the park for USk Tacoma to have convenient parking to sketch.  Thanks, Peter!

There was a brisk breeze and cloudy sky so it was really quite cold as one sat still to sketch.  Tom had the right idea to stay warm:

We look a little cold as we're sharing sketches

A couple people are missing from the group photo.  The simple lighthouse is just visible between the tree branches behind us.

I'd sketched the lighthouse the last time we were there, a couple years ago.  This time I chose the Light House Keeper's cottage.  Many others sketched it, too.  There is no longer a keeper and the cottage is now a vacation rental.  It dates from 1903.

I walked down to the beach to view this massive stump.  There was a small boy playing there, supervised by an older man.  The boy threw stones into the water.

More photos:

--Kate Buike

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