Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th Parade in Bothell

Scenes from a July 4th celebration -

I sat down with a bunch of moms and their kids who liked waiting for candies thrown by paraders. It was a parade showcasing diversity. Muslim community, Mexicans on horses (sketch #1), Irish with their bagpipes, the senior community, kids of all shapes and colors. Everyone was enjoying America's 241st birthday.

I looked for lunch and had a burrito from a food truck and met Edgar and Crispin. When I looked for a place to sit, I saw an area in the shade where a black dad was humming and swaying her little baby girl to sleep (sketch #2). I asked if I can share the shade. He smiled as he nodded.

Then I went to a coffee shop for some brew and I sketched (#3) the outside scene with the inside scene.

I didn't see hatred, bigotry, racism. They're there. But today I didn't look for them. I looked for goodness, beauty, generosity, kindness. And I was richly rewarded.

The name of the food truck was Ambakity Cocina Mexicana. Ambakity is a Native American word for "best of the best."

Just like the USA of my heart.
Happy Birthday, USA.

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