Wednesday, January 16, 2019

State Capitol

It was a sunny but chilly morning at the State Capitol in Olympia, WA. Our group was small but intrepid as some of us sketched outside.

I started inside with the corridor in front of the Governor's office. I'm surprised there isn't more security. The only visible protection are a few State Police officers, one of whom is sitting at a desk just inside the Governor's suite.

Dozens of school children passed by on tours led by Capitol staff.  "turn off your cell phones; remove your hoods; no photos allowed in the Governor's office....". 

I wandered around the building a bit and then headed outside for a view of the dome. I only had about a half hour left so limited the sketch.

Sharing sketches and the group photo.

We're missing one or two who had to leave early. 

More photos

--by Kate Buike

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