Saturday, May 18, 2019

Blue Poppy Day

Every year, the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden hosts Blue Poppy Day to celebrate the blooming of this unique poppy. We have gone a few times to be included in the "Festival of Art and Nature" which features visual and musical artists.

By the end of the outing, there were many sketchers who came to share their work at the throw down. However, at least one is missing from the photo. 

I've sketched in the garden several times. I made a bee line to the blue poppies so I could do a small sketch as an inset. Then I walked back to sketch the building that was formerly the Weyerhaeuser HQ. 

I still had a bit of time left and I went back to sketch a charming old truck converted to a coffee truck.

-- By Kate Buike

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Finally, the Elks Temple

We have waited so long for this day!  This was my first visit to the restored and renovated Elks Temple in Tacoma. It was a multi-year project by the McMenamin brothers (more here). Urban Sketchers Tacoma met to sketch inside and out of this new property which just opened April 24.  

I don't think I have enough superlatives to describe the amazing work they've done here. It's seven floors of spectacular. We'll go back again and again.

There were many sketchers today, only 3 of whom had been here since it opened on April 24.

 There was work going on at the front, where I wanted to sketch the restored elk's head.So I went up to the first landing of the Spanish Steps, outside the Spanish Bar to sketch a detail of the exterior.

An hour later, the workers seemed to have taken a break so I had a view of the elk's head and the amazing antlers.

I didn't sketch any of the interior as I'll save that for bad weather days. 

Lots of photos here

-- Kate Buike

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Gig Harbor Visitors Center

Courtesy of Pam Jenkins, here are images from today's outing to the Gig Harbor Visitors Center

--Kate Buike

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Lewis Army Museum

For years now, our members have suggested we sketch at the Lewis Army Museum. But the museum's website described what sounded like a difficult and time consuming ("plan for up to an hour") process for getting on base at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Then, late last year, I happened to talk to the Director of the Museum when he spoke at a volunteer meeting at the Museum of Flight. Turns out those directions were incorrect and they changed the next day!

Today we discovered it's quite easy to get to the Army Museum. There were only 9 sketchers and many of us braved the chill and drizzle to sketch outside. Some active duty staff, a volunteer and Erik Flint, the director, came to look at our sketches during the throwdown. Erik took the group photo.

Mary & Chris left early.  

Before I even went into the museum, I stopped to sketch one of the tanks on the grounds, with the museum building in the background. It is a M-3A1 Stuart Light Tank which entered service in 1941 and used during WWII.

I was chilled after finishing the tank, so it was time to go inside to  explore the museum.  I saw this head, I knew this was the next sketch. It is a head, hand and sword from a statue of Suddam Hussein. "On July 17, 2003, the 555th Combat Engineer Group 'Triple Nickel' from Fort Lewis destroyed a statue from Suddam Hussein's palace in Tikrit, Iraq. This sword and his head were salvaged." The skulptor was Khalid Alussy.

More photos.

  --by Kate Buike

May Sketch Outings

First Saturday, May 4:  Day Island Clubhouse

1965 E Day Island Blvd W., University Place, WA 98466

Carrie, the host for this outing, will have a map with suggested areas for sketchers to consider. The clubhouse will be decorated for Cinco de Mayo, so that may add a bit of additional interest.

There is street parking.

Second Thursday, May 9: Gig Harbor Visitors Center, 
3207 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor.

Local information in front room and interactive displays courtesy of Harbor Wildlife in back 3 rooms.  If the weather cooperates the whole harbor is available to sketch!

From South: 16 west, 3rd exit after bridge, Wollochet-City Center, right onto Pioneer at top of ramp/light, left at Harborview about 2 blocks on right.  Watch for time limits on parking spots.

From North: 16 east, Wollochet-City Center exit, left at top of ramp, cross over 16, Wollochet becomes Pioneer, see above.


Third Wednesday, May 15: McMenamins Elks Temple

565 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402

We've been watching the renovation and eagerly awaiting the opening day, which is April 24.  Now we'll have the chance to sketch inside and out for the first time.  There are seven floors to explore. 

Meet at 10 am at the Spanish Steps
This photo shows the unrenovated Temple.

Please support our sketcher-friendly venues by buying their food or beverages while sketching on their premises.  So be generous, be considerate of the establishment and their customers and show the world how sketching can help everyone to be happy!

Plan to allow time to find parking in the area as it could be a challenge since it seems McMenamins has none of its own! 
One suggestion is to take the Link Light Rail (trolley) to the Theater District Station and walk less than a quarter mile to the Spanish Steps.  Parking is free at Freighthouse Square and the trolley starts there.

Freighthouse Square
2501 E D St, Tacoma, WA 98421

Ad Hoc, Blue Poppy Day, Saturday May 18  

"A Festival of Art and Nature"  
Blue Poppy Day features visual and musical artists.

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden
2525 S 336th St Federal Way, WA 98001

The event is free and we have been invited to attend. This will be our third year sketching this event.

 Meet at 10am at the entrance to the Rhodi Garden. 



Friday, April 12, 2019

Performance Golf Center

Sketching the Gig Harbor Performance Golf Center on Thursday.  Photos courtesy of Pam. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Columbia has landed.

Destination Moon is a joint exhibition by Smithsonian and Museum of Flight. It includes many Apollo 11 artifacts from the Smithsonian as well as Museum of Flight Apollo artifacts and some loaned by the family of Neil Armstrong. The highlight of the exhibition is the Columbia capsule which orbited the moon during the first Moon landing, 7/20/1969, with Michael Collins on board.

Columbia, as see through its removed hatch. 

This is the only west coast installation and the Museum will have this exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing on 7/20/19. There is a huge festival planned. Destination Moon opens this weekend, April 13. I've seen it twice already. On Sunday, Himself and I went to the "members only" preview. This was my day to fully take it in. It was thrilling to see Columbia, re-entry scarred exterior and all.

Yesterday, Tuesday April 9, I went to the "staff and volunteers" preview. This was my sketching day. I scheduled an opening time entry and sped straight to Columbia. I had several minutes alone in order to do my pencil sketch.

Then I turned to sketching Buzz Aldrin's extravehicular visor and gloves.

Sunday photos
Tuesday photos

Note: As of today, 4/10/19, part of the Museum is still effected by the downing of 27 power polls last Friday afternoon: "Partial Closure Notice Due to ongoing work on downed utility lines, the West Campus, including the Aviation Pavilion and Charles Simonyi Space Gallery, will remain closed until further notice.  Our main campus is open, but we are unable to receive calls. Please visit our info page for more details "