Thursday, September 19, 2019

Between the rain drops

A group of intrepid sketchers  braved some occasional but brief showers to sketch around the Soos Creek Botanical Garden yesterday.

Carolyn had her own solution to rain protection!  

During a rain shower, I sheltered under an tent in the vegetable garden area. I sketched what was in view: bright flowers and a horse trailer. Learned from the Master Gardeners who grow the vegetables that they donate what they grow to a local food bank. Today they estimated about 50 pounds of fresh fruit and veg was going out to them!

I couldn't resist the little red wagons and pumpkins. It's must really be Fall if the pumpkins are out.

Lots more photos, particularly of flowers.

-- by Kate Buike

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

October 2019 Outing schedule

First Saturday, October 5: Foss Waterway Seaport

705 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402

Meet at 10 am outside the front door to the Museum.  Admission is $10.00 for Adults; $8.00 for Students, Military, and Seniors (62+).

Parking:  There are a few spaces at the Museum.  Otherwise, here is a map:

There are many interesting exhibits inside the Museum.  The area also has a very good view of the seaport and if the weather is good there will be many sketching opportunities outside. 

For those who can stay, lunch will be at Rock The Dock Pub & Grill across the parking lot.  Please support our sketcher-friendly venues by buying their food or beverages while sketching on their premises.  So be generous, be considerate of the establishment and their customers and show the world how sketching can help everyone to be happy! 


Third Wednesday, October 16: Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World
7905 Hosmer Street, Tacoma, WA 98408

Meet at 10 am in the lobby just inside.  We'll sketch until 12:30 and then meet to share our sketchbooks.

This very large store is located just a few minutes south of the Tacoma Dome off I-5.  There is plenty of free parking.  

Even if you don't want to sketch the animal mounts, there are lots of other things to sketch.  The ball returns in the bowling alley (called "The Fish Bowl") are amazing.  There are sporting scenes with models that don't move (mannequins).  There is a very large aquarium.

 Lunch for those who want to stay in the adjoining restaurant.  Please support our sketcher-friendly venues by buying their food or beverages while sketching on their premises.  So be generous, be considerate of the establishment and their customers and show the world how sketching can help everyone to be happy! 


 Note change of usual day:

Third Thursday, October 17: Harbor Teak 

7520 Soundview Dr
Gig Harbor, WA

This will be our last meeting in Gig Harbor area until January because of the holidays.

Harbor Teak has lots of interesting items to sketch and we can sit on the furniture! 


From North: 16 south to Wollochet/City Center, left at top of ramp on to Pioneer cross over 16 and follow directions below

From South: exit Wollochet/City Center, right at top of ramp onto Pioneer, second right turn onto Grandview, at Soundview turn left, will be on your left, some parking in rear, other on street and in shopping center.  Store is just up the street from Tides Tavern. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Washington State Fair 2019

Washington State Fair 2019
Tacoma Urban Sketchers were invited to sketch at the Washington State Fair on September 6.  As I sketched the carnival area in the morning, a staff member approached, seeming to be interested in my sketch. I soon discovered he was unable to hear spoken language. We managed to communicate with each other, discovering that we had something in common. Turns out, we are both left-handed.
When the carnival rides began, it got pretty busy and there was a lot of commotion. I returned early the following Thursday to finish this sketch and take a ride on the wooden roller coaster.
The Superintendent of Fine Arts appreciated the artists participation and would like us to return next year.

Arches 140# paper, Micron pen, watercolor, 4 scones, and 1 roller coaster ride

Friday, September 13, 2019

Crescent Creek Park

Gig Harbor section of Urban Sketchers Tacoma met at Crescent Creek Park yesterday. 

courtesy of Pam Jenkins

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gertie's Ghost

I had an errand in Tacoma today but was there a bit early. I decided to find "Gertie's Ghost".

After a bit of driving around I found a place to park. Since it's fenced off, I thought the best vantage point was from above.

The 40,000 pound sculpture references the Tacoma Narrows bridge or a giant octopus. Or both, since legend has it a giant octopus lives under the bridge, in the wreckage of Galloping Gertie, the famous bridge that collapsed in 1940.

Artists Sean Orlando and David Shulman created the work as part of Sound Transit's Sounder commuter rail project.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Mt. Rainier Get Away!

It is the end of summer and it has been a while since we have visited Mt. Rainier for some hiking. The day was stunning and we decided to hike a section of the Skyline trail. This trail is a 5.5 mile loop and it gains 1450 feet in elevation. The highest point in this trail is 6,800 feet. During this time of the year you can get a lot more sightings of wildlife as Black Bears come closer to the trails in search for berries as they get ready for the winter. We were lucky to see one in the distance but another hiker saw as many as five!

During this hike I was able to draw two sketches. The first one is a view of the Tatoosh Range from the Paradise Inn and the second one was a view of the Mountain from the Skyline trail. As a side note, Did you know that Paradise Inn opened its doors in 1895? A coffee shop called Paradise Hotel and a tent camp were established. Paradise is a 19 mile drive from Longmire which also offers accommodations and it is a wonderful spot for sketching!

Happy Sketching!


Chambers Bay

We  gathered yesterday at a park adjacent to the Chambers Bay Golf Club. Chambers Creek Regional Park includes 930 acres along the shore of south Puget Sound.


I decided to use a long page to create a montage.

I walked across the bridge that spans the rail tracks to provide access to the beach. On it were many "love locks". I sketched these as an inset.  

Two sketchers had pointed out the osprey nest on top of a large structure.
Next was other structures. These are all left from the gravel mining operations. "Pacific Bridge was one of the two fledgling gravel mines operating on the site where the Chambers Bay golf course now lies. Subsequent owners over the next century enjoyed the rich gravel deposits found there. By 1992, Lone Star Northwest had merged all the gravel mining into the single largest producer of sand and gravel in the nation. Large scale mining continued until December 2003 when commercial mining ended and reclamation of the Chambers Creek properties began."

More photos.

by Kate Buike