Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sucessful Play Day!

We, the admins here, took the idea used at the Seattle Friday ad hoc ("Gab and Grab") and Frances expanded it.  Yesterday she hosted in her studio space a "Play Day" for Urban Sketchers Tacoma.

This is a relatively new group and we have many people new to Urban Sketchers (USk).  So today was designed to give a lot of information about both the group and how we do what we do!

Even with directions, it takes practice to recognize the right driveway.  Frances took care of that!

Rom was in charge of getting all the cars parked in the drive.  He got them all in and with a plan so the ones who needed to leave early could get out!

Darcie made name tags

After introductions and housekeeping announcements, I (Kate) led the Internet Tour for Urban Sketchers. One of our tenets is "we share on-line".  There is so much to see and learn!   This is one of the studio rooms set up with a large monitor.

During lunch, we had a "What's-in-your-bag" sharing.
Pat shares her bag.
In the afternoon, Frances gave all the sketchers a goodie bag of papers and unusual writing instruments.  This is the "play" part of the day.

 We also had a sharing table with art supplies to give away or sell.  Darcie brought is very cleverly designed custom sketch bags.  "As seen on the Urban Sketchers blog".

Those attending said they had a good time and learned a lot.  I enjoyed it myself.

We're doing it all over again on February 21, 2015.  See more on the USk Tacoma ad hoc page. 

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  1. Looks like it was a fun and informative day!

    - Tina