Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lakewold Gardens

Yesterday, Wednesday, was the Urban Sketchers Tacoma outing to Lakewold Gardens.  I've been at least once before but don't remember being quite so distracted by all the sketching opportunities.  I did a lot of walking around before choosing subjects. 

And I certainly wasn't aware of the Fairyfest!  There were dozens of small, individually created, fair houses spread throughout the garden.  

I decided to make a two page montage.  I included 2 of the fairy houses, a moss covered chair with shrine in the Garden for Peace, and a small fishing monk statue.

We met back near the Garden Shop and entry point for sketch sharing and the group photo.

Afterward, a smaller group of us went to lunch.  I took my minimal sketch kit in with me and did this sketch of the Red Robin in my tiny sketchbook.

Lots of photos of the grounds and the fairy houses are here:

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